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nametab in customised tables

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Hi experts,

          I am facing an error when transporting my request from one system to other system.

         The error is given below and how to rectify that error.

Table ZTAB_ATTACHMNTS1 could not be activated
(E- Nametab for table ZTAB_SECTIONS cannot be generated )
(E- Nametab for table ZGTRACK_MAIN1 cannot be generated )
Nametab for table ZTAB_COMMENTS1 cannot be generated
Nametab for table ZTAB_FORCAST1 cannot be generated
Nametab for table ZTAB_STATUS1 cannot be generated

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Dear venkat,

Active the table using se14 Tcode and check.


Siva rama krishna mohan G.

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Hi Siva,

Sorry for the late reply.

Its working fine now after activating all the tables in SE14 Tcode.

Thanks for your help

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Check SAP Note 818595 - Deletion and recreation of objects with the same name

Initially, the object to be deleted cannot be deleted because it is being used. The newly-created object therefore cannot be activated because of the naming conflict, and all dependent ones that are already using it also get errors, because the object does not yet actively exist.

Only during the second delete attempt is it then deleted, because any users here are no longer considered. The newly-created object and the dependent ones can then be activated in a separate phase.

However, the error here was that the dependent ones no longer came in turn. They were therefore incorrect and also appeared as errors in the final log.

It seems there is an inconsistency objects in your transport for source and target systems.

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Reset to development.

Save and activate all data elements, domains, technical settings and the table definition again.

Re-Transport the request.



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Dear venket

Just follows the below steps,

Step 1: hav save (Ctrl+S) under the Package - Domain, dalaements and tables with technical settings
Step 2: Check (Ctrl +F2) and activate (Ctrl+F3) for all the objects
Step 3: Go to Transport request movement and transport your Modifyable objects (ABAP work bench object)

Thanks and regards

Periyasamy S

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Might be,



ZTAB_COMMENTS1... these are your Data Elements OR Domains,

which are not activated properly,

Plz check them....

And If even error occur then adjust table through SE14.