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Multiple values in selection screen

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Hi all,

I have got the vendor parameter in the selection screen. If multiple values are entered using the dynamic selection icon in the selection screen, its not working ..plz help..

select-options : s_lifnr for lfa1-lifnr.

*- To select the open items data from BSIS.

select belnr blart budat xblnr dmbtr sgtxt rebzg shkzg qbshb lifnr

from bsik

into corresponding fields of table it_bsik

where bukrs eq p_bukrs and

gjahr eq p_gjahr and

budat in s_budat and

gsber eq p_gsber and lifnr in s_lifnr.


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It seems your code is correct. You don't get the requried vendor from the bsik because of other inputs. Remove other inputs and then check.



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before the select check if any values exist in S_LIFNR, if they exists then the problem may be bcoz of the other parameters in where condition

remove all all the other parameters in select except s_lifnr and checkout

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Thanks for the reply...but Im getting the output list if Im these multiple vendors separately....So there is definitely some data for these vendors...

Should I incorporate something else in this program?

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think u need to check actual selecect query that is getting fired.

to do that.

run the program in dedugging mode.

stop at the select query.

start new transaction STO5.

activate sql trace.

again go back to program and execute the select query.

back to st05

deactivate sql trace.

see the actual select query that is fired.

from this u will be able to point out the error in select query or data mismatch.

try for all the query ; which u have mentioned.

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Hi Sushma,

One last try, use <b>BT</b> instead on <b>IN</b> in your select query.



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It was working fine.....There was no problem at all.