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multiple tabs excel attachment in mail

I have a requirement where I need to download an excel from existing report with multiple tabs and attache that excel in my new program and send that through mail.That excel with multiple tabs they are using OLE .Pls help me to do further.


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Use ABAP2XLSX (Google it).


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Use ABAP2XLSX (Google it).

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Funny thing. When I typed in exactly raji_1096 's subject for this question, I got these answered questions suggested.

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So, 5 out of 8 suggestions exactly match the OP's question.

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Hi Jelena,

I have used XML to create excel with multiple worksheets and attached that excel to send mail but the problem is while opening the attachment in mail It shows some error .If,I send the excel attachment with only header part, I am able to get the file but with data it's showing like this. pls help me to do further


Rajeshwari Thangavel

1) Use comment to reply to an answer. Not answer

2) Then your XML is wrong.

Furthermore, using abap2xlsx to avoid these kinds of problems.

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So, did you look at the log?

Why don't you use ABAP2XLSX instead of XML ? This way, you'll never get an error like that !

Thanks for your reply.

I am not able to get the log from that path.I am able get the excel when passing only header if I pass the data to the excel, I am getting that dump.Do you have any reason for this dump?

I am using XML because I am not that much aware of abap2xlsx.

can you pls provide a sample code for abap2xlsx

Abap2xlsx comes with examples.

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I am new to SAP ABAP. I am not much aware of OO concepts .

abap2xlsx I don't know how to start

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"I am new to SAP ABAP. I am not much aware of OO concepts ."

It's part and parcel of ABAP nowadays. Anyway, using classes is relatively simple compared to writing them, so you only need the basics.

Search and you'll find tutorials, demos and blogs.

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Rajeshwari Thangavel Like Matthew said: "Abap2xlsx comes with examples." You don't really need to be an expert in OO for understanding these demo programs.