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Multiple Banks with Vendor Masters

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In a case where the users have two banks on the vendor master , how does the system know which bank to choose, or does it always take the first one ?

Going on from that if they had two banks in say Germany but one was to be used for Euro payments the other for USD payments... Is there any possibility of building something into the vendor master to indicate these currencies so that the system will choose automatically ?

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Hi ,

so far as i know we've solved that with the

field lfbk-<b>bvtyp</b>:

-> in lfbk:

banks bankl     bankn bvtyp
de    44444444  1234  eu
de    55555555  5678  us

so you've to fill the field bvtyp in the item (bseg) too

and the automatic payment program will take the bank which is equal to the master data.

regards Andreas

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Thanx for the suggestion.

Do i need to do some coding/configuration where in the automatic payment program considers the value of LFBK-BVTYP.

Please explain in detail.

Thank You,