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More space between words and lines in Smart forms

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Paragraph format: TB - font HELVE, size 10 and BOLD. Print preview shows more space between words PROVISIONAL      INVOICE    NO.

So,I used 'Tabs' tab with Position= 1, Unit= MM and Alignment = Left. and the text 'PROVISIONAL,,INVOICE,,NO.' but still print preview comes with no space ROVISIONALINVOICENO. tried Unit = CH also but no luck.

Also there is more spacing between lines. Kindly help.


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It seems you have created a tabulator of 1 mm or 1 char, perhaps superman could notice it in the print


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Even if we give 10 MM or 10 CH it is same with no space.

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The position of evry tabulator is the distance from left margin, here I've created a paragraph having tow tabs:

The first one with position      25 mm

The second one with position 50 mm

That means the space between the tabulators will be 25 mm, so the legnht of the words written in the tabulators has to be less or equal than 25 mm

Now I try to use the paragraph in my smartoform;

As you can see it seems there's no space between the PROVISIONAL and INVOICE, because the lenght of the word PROVISIONAL is equal or greater than 25 mm

So the first tabulator should have a position greater than 25 mm

So now I try to redefine my tabulators:

The first one with position      50 mm

The second one with position 75 mm

The distance between two tabulator is still 25 mm, so my print will be:

As you can see now the distance between PROVISIONAL and INVOICE is increased, so it can see a space, but the distance between INVOICE and NO is the same