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Modules implemented in Existing ECC/S4 server

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Is there any way to find the below in existing SAP ECC/S4 server which were using for few years.

1. What are the modules implemented in existing SAP ECC/S4 Server

2. What are the objects implemented in that Modules.




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Err... Strange question. Scratching my head here... Define "modules" and define "implemented"? And what is "SAP ECC/S4 Server"?

You can see the installed system components through the menu System->Status but that might not mean anything.

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Thank you jelena.perfiljeva2 Here our intention is we need to do data migration from one system to others. We need to know what what are the modules ( like SD, MM, FI etc) implemented in system. What are objects like in SD Sale Orders, delivery like etc.

Is there any way to find this information using any table or BC Sets etc..

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If you installed ERP, then you've got SD, MM etc. already there. But if you don't use a module, other than checking if there's been any configuration done for those modules, you can't say whether the module is implemented. This is further complicated by the fact that certain config in one module might be necessary to fully implement another.

You need to find out from the business what they're actually using. Perhaps look at the roles that end users have - then you'll know what's in use. Assume you security concept has been properly done of course.