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Module Pool

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Hello Every One,

I got a requirement that when i entered a data in input field and  click on the push button  it should have to update the table(Custom table).

i will give small example below......

I have the  6 fields which i mentioned above,when i enter any input on any field on when click on ORDER it should have to update the Custom  table.

and i created the table with the above fields.

Please Resolve my issue.




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Hi Sagar,

So where is the Issue??



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How can i pass respective data from Module Pool to Custom Table when i clicked push button.

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Check out the FIELD screen statement to transport your screen fields to memory and then write a subroutine to update your table.


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Hi Sagar,

it is very basic concept.

you have screen element that map with a variable  like wa_nonveg-chk_brnylike this so when you press order button it goes to PAI Event of screen so you create a work area of type of that table on which the data going to save.

then assign that work area field (For e.g wa_tbl)

so wa_tbl-chk_brny = wa_nonveg-chk_brny like this

then update the table by  UPDATE COMMAND .

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This thread has been rejected twice. You have used non-meaningful subject. The concepts required to achieve your objective are basic and covered in training and in the documentation.

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