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Module Pool Programming using Abap objects

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Hi gurus.,

I need to create a module pool program with tabstrips and tablecontrols using Abap objects...plz guide me how i can achieve this... i am very much confused.. i dont know how and where to start .. plz send me documents and sample codes related to this topic..Also hoe i can implement f4 help in screen fields..




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Hi Siva,

First thing is ABAP objects are Views, table, structure.

Check out the tcode ABAPDOCU .. where in you will find out simple example for tabstrip and table control.

if I understand it correctly: you want to

integrate Object Oriented Programming in a SAP Module Pool. Or is it

that you just want to know how to use Enjoy Controls?


Module pool programs are created in abap development work bench (TCODE: SE80).

Here we can do all the works whatever you can do in abap.

Module pool programs are also called dialog programs.

The module Pool are reports prepared for different screens and to manage the sequence of events of these screens, in the transaction SE80 you can see all the dynpros that you have for this kind of report, add new ones, add all types of element to the report.

Process Before Output is the part of the dynpro code that is processed before the user can do anything with the data in the screen

Process After Input is the part of the dynpro code that is processed after the interaction with the user.

module pool programs are excuted using Tcodes

Or refer this link.


Mohinder Singh Chauhan

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Hi Mohinder.,

Exactly i want to integrate Abap oo Programming with Module Pool Programming .. i know programming Module pools using Normal Abap .. i need a transition to Object Oriented approach for Module Pool Programming ... kindly help me for that ..Thanks for ur Reply



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Hi Siva,

lets try to devise this.

Dialgoue Progame lets say few screens appearing on screen.

Right now I m into VMS(Vehicle management System) module in which actions are created to create a life cycle for a vehicle.

Offer>Order>Invoice (Crux).

Those actions are created using BADI implementations.

In BADI we have customized the action and are using Execute and Prepare module for the same.

Velo is the Tcode for the same, where in window you can see the different actions.

Though I cannt provide the code for those actions but you can very well use the existing actions which comes witht the package.

Like DELI, GOIS etc to see the code for the same.

For DELI find code for them in SE19.

Also, in se80 screens are created and assigned to the corresponding programe.

In that you can very well use the table control and tabstrips.

through velo6.

As BADIs do full fill the criterion.

One thing VMS comes with version ECC5.0 default in other system like in 4.6c you wouldnt find.

Will be able to give only overview for the same.


Mohinder Singh Chauhan

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hi moninder.,