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Modularization Technique

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Hi frnds,

I am new to MODULARIZATION Techniques. I want to know what is the Actual parameters , Formal Parameters and in general what is the use of those.

Frnds i hav material for the above but i m unable to understand.

So i dont need any material but i need just understanding for the above.

Thanking u all.




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Formal parameters are the parameters that are passed to/from subroutines.

These parameters help in passing values to the subrotuines or to get values from the subroutines to the calling program.

Go to ABAPDOCU transaction code.

OPen the node The ABAP Programming language->Modularization Techniques->Procedures->Subrotuines for some example programs that demonstrate the usage of formal parameters.



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Hi satish

PERFORM get_data using p_table.

form get_data using in_table.


here formal parameter is in_table.

it does not have a value of it's own, but it gets a value that is present in the actual parameter i.e. p_table

Formal and actual parameters have same type always.

Now, according to modulariztion technique, when we use actual and formal parameters, we can pass multiple values to same code so that we dont have to write that code multiple times.

It is same concept as FUNCTIONS in C language.

Hope this info helps you.

Reward points if it has been useful to you.



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Modularization means you are calling a piece of codes many times in ur program.

from where you called is call a calling function and another is called function.

Actual Parameters are Parameters from where you are calling and formal parameters define where function is called.Value passed from calling function parameter to called function parameter.

Type of both parameter should be same always.

Reward if useful.


Swati garg