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modify MB25 and add a new selection field

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Hello All,

I need to copy MB25 to ZMB25 and add field to the selection screen and modify the select statement further. MB25 uses a LDB and I am never used LDB. Please help me how to do this and post some notes on LDB as I have lot of questions.

<b>FYI:</b> I made a Z copy of the program and in the program attributes, I see a LDB. I made a Z copy of the LDB and added a selection field. I donno if that is the right way or not. I am also not sure where to modify the selection based on the newly added selection field.

Thanks in advance

Chandni Reddy


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which new field are you adding in selection screen?



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I want to add field Movement Type (RKPF-BWART).

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The field is available in the dynamic selections..

IN the selection screen press SHIFT + F4 to get the selections..In that header for reservation tree you have the movement type ...



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SHIFT+F4 working fine, but I want the BWART always appear on the selection screen. I tried to save it as variant, but dint work. Any more suggestions?

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I believe if you copy SAP program to your Z* program and just define in your program select-option for the SAME table field as dynamic selection you will not have to clik on dynamic selection. SAP will pass your value to dynamic selection.

you don't need to create ZLDB, you just need to create Z* program which is a copy of sap report and assign the same SAP LDB to it, and then add select-option to your report.

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from SAP help :

If you define the selection criterion for a column of a database table that supports dynamic selections, the values entered on the selection screen are transferred to the logical database. There, they are treated as dynamic selections. The logical database does not read records from the database table that do not meet these selection criteria. This kind of selection is much more efficient than for database tables that are not designated for dynamic selections.

Besides, the input fields for the corresponding dynamic selection are displayed on the selection screen from the start. This spares the user from having to choose Dynamic Selections to display the corresponding screen.