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MIGO Serial Numbers TABLE

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Due to my last issue has no answers, maybe i did'nt explain good by myself. I Just wanna know which table uses the MIGO tcode to save the material's serial number. Tnks a lot for your answers.


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I think there is a field SERNR in the table EQUI, which is nothing but the serial number.



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Yes, i Know, but while the Migo makes the commit, i need to verify the serial numbers on that table.

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Hi Steve,

Do you still got the problem because i think i found a way to solved it .

Best regards.

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Hi Steve,

I need help in this case, please expalin


Raja Kunapareddy

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Hi Raja,

Sorry my solution doesn't work. I'll try using badi MB_DOCUMENT but when you leave wcreen there are soem function module running wihich update serail number and i lost in .

The only solution seems to make a modification in the standard program to do it but i'm not sure.

Best regards.

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Hi Steve

do you stell having the proble, im looking for the same field, but i have not been able to find it

please let me know if you have it


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Hi Steve and Raja,

Coul you resolve the problem ? If yes , please let me know I have the same requirement .

Thanks and Regards.

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There's an internal table for the 'MIGO'-serialnumber screen/tab.

Check trx."SE11" for structure 'GOSERIAL' and perform a where-used search ... You will get a few hits for includes of "MIGO".

When coding (Enhancement of UserExit) it is accessible via below code-sample when executing the transaction :

types: begin of ty_s_goserial,         "Cfr. INCLUDE 'LMIGOKE1' for 'trx. MIGO
          selected type xfeld,
          serialno type gernr,
          uii type uii_char72,
          subrk type xfeld,
        end of ty_s_goserial.

data: lt_goserial type standard table of ty_s_goserial with non-unique default key.
data: ls_goserial like line of lt_goserial value is initial.

field-symbols: <fs_goserial> like lt_goserial.

unassign <fs_goserial>.
assign ('(SAPLMIGO)OREF_DETAIL->T_GOSERIAL') to <fs_goserial>.

loop at <fs_goserial> into ls_goserial.
"do your checks or whatever

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Hi, look at table SER03 - Document Header for Serial Numbers for Goods Movements

and look and other SER* tables

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Hi All,

The problem might have been solved till now, but below is the solution to get the serial number in MIGO document.

Select * from objk inner join ser03

on ser03.obknr = objk.obknr and objk.sernr <> '' and objk.taser = 'SER03'

inner join matdoc

on matdoc.mblnr = ser03.mblnr

In above query you may pass your MatDoc No (MBLNR) and check the result