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message with two lines

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Hi experts,

I would like to give error message into my program.

In se91 i have created messages &1 &2 .

How can i display message into two lines?

message should be like this..

This is first line..

This is second line..

MESSAGE e000 WITH 'This is first line' & 'This is second line..'

is not giving in two lines...


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It is not possible,, but you can try the long text option for a message & put in how many number of lines you want.. Pl check this <a href="">SAP Help</a>.


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hi kaki,

i dont y u want to display messages in 2 lines... anyhow try this way

if ( condition )




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Hello kaki,

There might a workaround to display both messages at the same time.

After the messages are created in SE91,

1> For the first message. Read table <b>T100</b> using fields SPRSL , ARBGB & MSGNR and get your Message Text and store in a variable.

2> Repeat the above step fro the second message as well.

Call function module '<b>POPUP_TO_DECIDE_INFO</b>' and pass the two messages retrieved from the above to the fields TEXTLINE1 & TEXTLINE2.

Your messages will be displayed as Information message.

If you intend to display as error message, Exit from the program or go back to you previous screen.

Hope this helps.

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Use the FM: POPUP_TO_DISPLAY_TEXT Create a dialog box in which you display a two line message .