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menu exits

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i m new to enhancement

i want to put one more option in standard transection VA03.

How to apply menu exits for that

Pls help me on this

Thanx & Regards

Rajan Mehta

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Hope it will help you,.

Reward if help.


just refer to the link below for step by step procedure with screen shots

Check this link:

Menu exits allow you to add your own functions to the pulldown menus in standard R/3 transactions. To take advantage of a menu exit, you first need to create a project as described in the section Creating an add-on project. Then, you must include the SAP enhancement package that contains the menu exit you want to use in your project. From the main screen of the Project management transaction, proceed as follows:

Select Enhancement components and choose Change.

The system lists all customer exits contained in the enhancements included in your project.

Place the cursor on the menu exit you want to add your own function to.

Choose Edit component.

The system displays technical information about the menu entry. It also displays two input fields where you can specify a language and the text you want your menu item to have.

Enter the name of your menu function (such as Special order method) in the field New text.

Choose Save text.

Your special menu function will not appear in the pulldown menu of the corresponding standard transaction until you activate your enhancement project.

Specifying a menu text and activating your project are not the only steps you need to take to make your own menu item work. After you carry out these steps, your menu item will appear, but it will not call a corresponding function. To attach your menu entry to its corresponding function, you need to create a function module for the function module exit associated with your menu text. This function module exit is part of the same SAP enhancement that contains the menu exit you used. Creating Customer-Specific Function Modules tells you more about how to use function module exits.

In older versions MENU Exits approached through Transaction CMOD by creating

PROJECTS and activating the project and assigning Program to that

Transaction Codes. For MENU Exits, Transaction Codes will be starting with

"+" sign and with default text "NODE TEXT NOT FOUND" for which you can

assign your Report or Dialog Program etc., (for Eg:- +DW4 MENU Exits

Transaction available in TOOLS --> ABAP Workbench --> Utilities --> <Node

Text Not found>).

Procedure for Creating MENU Exits.

1) To get into Area Menu Maintenance Screen Type SE43 T.Code in Command


2) In Area Menu Paramenter type 'S000' (S triple Zero)

3) Then Press Change Icon in Application Tool Bar. Then It may ask for

Access Key [or] it may display "Specify Processing mode" window. If it ask

for the Access Key Check for the availability of OSS Note and apply to open

Standard SAP Menu to include MENU Exits. Otherwise, if it display "Specify

Processing mode" window with Three Push Button. In which select "Change" and

proceed further.

4) Then it will display "Information" window with the following information

"Caution : The Original Language of the structure is German (editing lang. :

English) ". Then press "Enter Key to proceed further.

5) Then you will get into "Edit Area Menu S000".

6) for eg:- Expand Tools Menu.

7) Then Press ABAP Workbench <Icon>.

😎 Then you will get into ABAP Workbench Menu Tree.

9) Then Expand Utilities Menu.

10) In the last line you will find one MENU EXIT Provision to include your

own menu. "Node Text Not Found" This text can be change by double Clicking

that. There you can find the T.Code. Here for Eg:- "+DW4".

11) for eg: - Here change the Text to "Sample Menu Exit" and then note down

the T.Code "+DW4".

12) Then Save with Change Request Number and come out of Transaction SE43.

13) Then Goto Transaction SE93.

14) Then type T.Code "+DW4" and press Create.

15) Then proceed further to create transaction called "+DW4".

Check these links