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Memory allocated per session?

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Hi all,

does anyone know how much memory is allocated by SAP per session (or job)?




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Hi George,

it's a very strange question,

when you run SAP in dialog mode, the memory is used in the computer (look your taskmanager) and there are some process in SAP that use memory too.

But the process used shared memory ... so ... I don't understand what you really search ?

Maybe ask your administrator for the memory check of the server.



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Hi Frédéric,

I have a job that returns the runtime error TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED because there is no storage space available to extend an internal table.

I quote a piece of the dump produced:

" ....

When the program was terminated, the internal table concerned returned the following information:

Line width: 216

Number of lines: 14492144

Allocated lines: 14492144

New no. of requested lines: 64 (in 1 blocks)

How to correct the error

The amount of storage space (in bytes) filled at termination time was:

Roll area...................... 2718352

Extended memory (EM)........... 2002751168

Assigned memory (HEAP)......... 2000052672

Short area..................... " "

Paging area.................... 24576

Maximum address space.......... 4294967295


From this log I gather that the memory allocated for the job is 4GB (and the internal table space alone was around 3GB). Is this amount fixed or can it be changed?



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Hi George,

the maximum limit per process can be set, also the maximum limit for all sessions (per server) together.

It's something like 10GB total, 40% one.

4GB is already pretty high for one session, also 1 or 2 GB are 'usual' values for high demands.

It doesn't make much sense to increase this further - you run out of the total to fast, there is also the physical limit.

So normal procedure: different process / program design

- split your report into several variants

- divide your internal table into header / position -> less redundant data

- if you loop at table A, add lines of table B -> you get big table C with result - try to avoid creation of table C. Just transfer your result line by line to the output.

... depending on your requirement, there are of course other possibilities



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hi in sm04

select the user

then in menu GOTo click on Memory



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Use SM04 then select the user and then choose goto->memory..