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Meaning of Listener and Dispatcher

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Hi Experts,

What is meant by Listener and Dispatch and also work process.

Can you describe and explain in brief what it does actually.

And also what is meant by background jobs.What is it's use and in what cases we use background jobs.It would be more helpfull with examples.

Thanks a Lot.




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Listener - Listens to the request (eg. Oracle listener)

Dispatch - Allocate the work to work processes (eg. Dispatcher)

Work process - Who process the work (eg. Dialog work processes)

Background job - Perform work in background using background processes

Use of Background job: Generally it is schedule during off peak period so that other user will not get performance issue when they are working on the system. (eg. generate long report, process large data, etc)

Hope this will help you.


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Some more indepth answers for your questions:

Oracle listener

A part of the Oracle DBMS that "listens" for users connecting to the database. It directs the queries to a function that either creates a dedicated server process for each user or to a shared multithreaded function that handles many users. The latter method may be chosen by the administrator to conserve memory.

SAP dispatcher

SAP dispatcher is the control agent that manages the resources for the R/3 applications.

Functions of dispatcher

- Equal distribution of transaction load to the work processes.

- Management of buffer areas in main memory.

- Integration of the presentation levels.

- Organization of communication activities.

Also, you can have a look at SAP Web Dispatcher:


Raghu Boddu

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