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ME21N add a new field to ALVGRID of 1211 screen

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I need to add a new field (It will be Z* field) in the transaccion ME21N to SAPLMEGUI 1211.

So, I appended a new structure with Z* field to MEPO1211.

And - what should i do next?

Thanks a lot.


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Check out BAdI ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST to process customer fields.

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And I can't understand what to do next?..

Maybe have you any examples?

Because I can add a new field on pagetab,

but I don't know how include it field in the ALV Grid of ME21N transaction..

Many thanks.

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Unfortunately requires a modification of SAPLMEGUI Dynpro 1211. AFAIK there is no other way.

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I hope you put also your ZZ_field(s) into CI_EKPODB?



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Yes, of course but what next?

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It is a modification of the system and not recommended. After a quick check aside from screen modifications some additional modifications in program logic seems to be required.

To answer your question: For modification you need an object registration key for changing SAPLMEGUI 1211. Ask your Basis team for object registration key. Do adjustments with screen painter (trx SE51) and create detailed documentation for all adjustments.

Good luck!


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Hi Mykola,

the ME2xN overview screen is a Table Control (by default), so you might be looking for the configuration icon in the top right corner.


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I had a similar request and I managed to resolve it like this:

1. Create the custom field [ZZ_NEW_FIELD] in structures: CI_EKPODB,

2. Append a new structure to MEPO1211_FOREIGN with the same field [ZZ_NEW_FIELD]
3. Edit the screen 1211 from Program SAPLMEGUI and add the extra field and label to the existing table control.

4. Change class: CL_PO_ITEM_HANDLE_MM (tcode se24) method GET_DATA like so:


     I.  Create a new enhancement at the end of the method

     II. Calculate and set the desired value to into ex_data-ZZ_NEW_FIELD


     if  ex_data-ebeln is initial.

          ex_data-ZZ_NEW_DATA = "Not saved".


This is the fastest solution I found.

Good luck!