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ME21 ME22 ME28 Can they work with external tax package like Enjoy t-codes?

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We are running SAP's ECC 6.0. We recently upgraded our Vertex package to the O Series.

Is there any way to provide data for Vertex via the Old SAP transactions, ME21, ME22 and ME28?

Our solution uses the extension class ZCL_IM_CL_EXTENSION_US_TAXES for method ME_TAXCOM_MEPO to put information into Memory ID's to be received by the user exit ZXFYTU03 which provides data to Vertex.  Vertex returns the correct tax for the PO Line Item.

This works fine for the "Enjoy" transactions, ME22N, etc..  However, there are still some transactions, ME21, ME22 and ME28, for example, in which this approach doesn't work.  They don't interface to Vertex and return values for the same PO Line Items which are different from the correct ones which Vertex provides.

I was able to get ME22 to work by putting some code in user exit ZXM06U41 that sets up the parameters for method ME_TAXCOM_MEPO and calls it. I have not been able to find a place for t-cdes ME21 or ME28 where I can successfully do this.

Is this something that you have already heard about and address in some way?

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I was also able to get ME21 and ME28 to pass tax info to Vertex by creating an explicit enhancement in MM06EF0S_STEUER_US at the bottom of the STEUER_US form. This enhancement takes values in EKKN, EKKO and EKPO and passes them to the MEMORY ID's used by the Vertex exit.

Likewise, I created an enhancement point in MM06EF0C_CALL_BSTPOS at the bottom of CALL_BSTPOS which does the same thing.

Additionally, I needed to create user exit ZXM06U24, EXIT_SAPMM06E_004, to use the ME_TAXCOM_MEPO method in a similar fashion to the previous posting..