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MBST BDC and Ztable filed to be update

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Hi Guys,

In BDC Call transaction for MBST reversal postings After the BDC Success posting the indicator field from Ztable should update to blank and I need to print the error records and success records as well. I am sending the steps that I am doing. Please validate.

1) Fethcing the records from Z (BUKRS,BDS RefNo,Budat ) where indicator is 'X'.

2) Based on Budat and bds reference number I am fetching records from MSEG and MKPF by joining these two tables into an final internal table.

3) looping to the final internal table I am doing the BDC posting the data to MBST.

4) inside the call transaction if sy-subrc = 0 then for that success records I need to set the Z table indicator as Blank. for this I am using the query

UPDATE z SET filed = ' '

WHERE key fields in Z table.


I am able to get the records are posted but the indicator is setting as it is and it is not moving blank after posting.

Could you please help me asap.




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can you please post the code for step 4 and the update?

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Are you sure sy-subrc is 0 after a successful call to the transaction? Some transactions return 0 when they fail, so I assume, that it could be non-zero even though it works. The safest thing to do is to put the messages returned from the transaction into a table and then analyze the table to see if the transaction worked or not.


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Take care of 2 things.

1. Your update statement should be called after successful posting within the loop..endloop statement where you are calling BDC.

2. Try

UPDATE Ztable SET field_indicator = ' '

WHERE key1 = ztable-field1 AND

key2 = ztable-field1 AND

keyn = ztable-fieldn.

and check the sy-subrc after Update statement in debug mode.



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