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Maximum no of custom fields possible in MEREQ001

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Hello Gurus,

I am unable to locate this information in documentation, OSS or previous posts in this forum. So, please help.

Is there a limitation on the max number of fields or structure width of CI_EBANDB/CI_EBANMEM when using the exit MEREQ001.

Thanks in advance,



Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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I doubt that there is a max on the number of fields. There may be a max on the total width, but this would be a system wide limit, not specific your table/structure. How many fields are you thinking of adding?


RIch Heilman

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About 100+ fields. Earlier we did an enhancement of WBS elements (CNEX0007), the documentation for which mentions "Note that a table can contain a maximum of 255 fields. ...." (I am not sure if that is the table PRPS or the extended structure ci_prps)

Thank you,


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I stand corrected. Now that you mention it, i think that I may have seen this error before, but I'm not sure.

I just tested it, and I am getting this error. Looks like there is a limit on total size as well.

Table ZTEST is too long (>1962)
Message no. AD 846

The sum of the field lengths of the table fields is too large.

If the table activation program delivered the message as an error, remove fields from the table or shorten the field lengths. If the message is delivered as a warning the active version already exceeds the specified limit.


Rich Heilman

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Check out the OSS note # 383725.

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