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Max. No. of IDOCs SAP can process !!

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Hello Experts,

I like to process Invoice txn in SAP. Invoice data I am getting from a Legacy system via IDOC. The expected no. of txns per day wud be 400K. does SAP handle 400K IDOCs without big performance degradation.

Thank You,



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Hi Senthil!

Of course such an answer depends strongly on your system. In general 400K invoice lines / day are possible - but also the content of the docs is important:

- do you need a new pricing (maybe with lots of exceptions)?

- do you use structured materials?

- do you use batchs (VBRP-CHARG)?

- is your number range buffering set up to avoid locks?


Surely such a number can't be processed in one single session, you need parallel execution: the number of available sessions is important for the performance; also the reduced free sessions might be a visible performance impact.

And I hope you were talking about lines, not documents...



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once we had a situationin which we submitted 1000 IDoc's at a time. but that was material data. may be in ur case u should go for even lesser.

reward if useful...

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It depends upon the System load and cache memory availabilty.

You can change the settings in number of idocs to be processed.

I would suggest you to process the idocs in background. I hope it does not cause any problem since it a background.



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it depends also on the time dustribution of your IDOCs, if you get all 400K at once (within a short time frame) - you may be in trouble, if that's the case - I would either process them in background in parallel restricitng posting to a particular server group, or process them on a separate server/server group where there are no end-users, otherwise your users may experience performance problem as IDOCs may keep all WPs busy.

Besides, if your IDOCs are set to post immediately SAP requires 2 WPs per IDOC ... if there are no free WPs - IDOC may remain in status 64 and you'll need to run a job to post it later.