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Matchcode for field P0006-STATE

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How can I reproduce this matchcode according to the matchcode in Infotipe 6 ? The matchcode in this field only prints the possibilities of spain, not for all countries. That`s what I want to do in my own dynpro? Do you know how to do it?


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What matchcode is being used by Infotype 6 ?


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One that shows only codes for Spain not for all countries

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Hi maria,

1. the country code - ISO code for spain is ES

(table t005)

2. This is automatically picked up.


The country keys are determined at system installation in the global settings.

4. So when we do F4 on STATE field in P0006,

it checks the installation global settings,

and picks the country key from there.

5. In mycase , it automatically comes IN (India)


amit m.

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When you press F4 for that field, IN the restrictionsgive the country key as ES.



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Do you know the function to do it? I should change it to print only spain codes but I am not sure about the function and its parameters to program it the way it should be

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Hi Marìa Luisa,

you have two possibility?

One create a new search help

or try to use the control table as it is in the infotype 6.

If you have a simple field you have to create a search help and you can use a default value for the land.

Ask me if you have problem creating the help search



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to create the help:

Go to trx se11

create a search help

-> elementary search help

put the description

- Selection Method: T005S

put the parameter

in this way

Name Imp Exp Lpos Spos Data element Default value

LAND1 1 1 LAND1 'ES'


BEZEI x x 3 3 BEZEI20

that's all

i hope it's can help you