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match codes

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can any body tell me about matchcodes and how to create and where it can store(in whiich table) and how to use it and what is the benefit of this one.


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Match Codes and Search helps are same and are provided by SAP for searching the field values of a field

Match codes are replaced by Saerch helps in recent/latest versions of SAP

there are 2 types of search helps ELEMENTARY and CUMULATIVE

1) Elementary search helps describe a search path. The elementary search help must define where the data of the hit list should be read from (selection method), how the exchange of values between the screen template and selection method is implemented (interface of the search help) and how the online input help should be defined (online behavior of the search help).

2) Collective search helps combine several elementary search helps. A collective search help thus can offer several alternative search paths.

3)An elementary search help defines the standard flow of an input help.

4) A collective search help combines several elementary search helps. The user can thus choose one of several alternative search paths with a collective search help.

5)A collective search help comprises several elementary search helps. It combines all the search paths that are meaningful for a field.

6)Both elementary search helps and other search helps can be included in a collective search help. If other collective search helps are contained in a collective search help, they are expanded to the level of the elementary search helps when the input help is called.


Go to SE11 Tcode

select search help

give the 'z' search help name and create

select the selection method ur table name eg : 'mara'

dialog module 'display value immediately'.

add the field whatever u want and lpos = 1 and spos = 1 and check import and export parameter.

where left position when displaying and spos = search position

and then save and activate ..

See the links:

pls go through this for search help creation

Search Help Exits:

They are stored in <b>TADIR</b> table

Use PGMID = LIMU and OBJECT = SHLD you will get all matchcodes/search helps in the system

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Anji Reddy Vangala

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MatchCode are the same like Search Help. Before SAP R/3 46 version SAP use Match code for value help. You can maintain Match code in SE11 - Utilities - Other Dictionary objects - Match code

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Existing matchcodes were automatically converted to search helps. A matchcode object is hereby converted to a collective search help with the same name. Each matchcode ID of the matchcode object is converted into an elementary search help with the same name and assigned to the collective search help created from the matchcode object.

A matchcode is a means of finding data records stored in the system. The matchcode is defined in the ABAP Dictionary in two steps:

You first define the relevant tables and fields for the search in a matchcode object. A matchcode object describes the set of all possible search paths for a search string.

You then create one or more matchcode IDs for a matchcode object. A matchcode ID describes a special search path for a search string. The matchcode ID defines the fields or field combinations to be used in the search.



Search Help


With this function you can search for objects, thereby defining and linking different selection conditions for the search help.


You can call this function by:

· Selecting Object ® Search... () in the main menu bar of the Integration Builder

· Placing the cursor on a software component version and selecting Search... () in the context menu (only in the Integration Repository)

In this case the software component version is defined as the search criteria.


Defining the Object Type

You can select the object type in a dropdown list in field Object Type.

In the design (Integration Repository) you can

· Select an object type (for example Message Interface)

· Select a cross-object category (for example Interface Objects)

In the configuration (Integration Directory) you can select types Values Mapping Group and schema in addition to the individual object types.




CHECK THIS LINK TO CREATE A MATCHCODE OBJECT,289483,sid21_gci553386,00.html

more details...