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Master Data distribution with a 'PULL' method

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Hi Gurus,

This question might seem a little strange, but please bear with it.

I recently faced a request to have master data distributed / created in our UT -> QA-> PRD systems through ALE but not with the PUSH method where we trigger the ALE from a lower system like DEV / GOLDEN but through a PULL method where we will initiate the ALE from the higher systems like UT / QA / PRD.

Can anyone help me with this .

Thanks in advance.


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Am I correctly understanding that you actually want to PUSH data from system A to system B but it must be initialized by system B and only for data specified by system B in PULL message, is that correct? 

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Yes, pretty much this is the idea

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So off top of my head if both are SAP systems than you can write your custom RFC enabled FM that would be responsible for triggering PUSH operation. In example it could execute BD1x transactions with given parameters.

Would something like that be an option for you?

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Thanks Bartos for the reply.

Custom development is always an option, but even there I will create a RFC enabled FM in my dev system and call it from the higher system.

Apparently this is PUSH in disguise isnt it ?

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We could actually call it that way

In general that approach would allow you to reuse standard reports and mechanisms of SAP but they would be triggered in custom place (RFC wrapper).

You could of course create fancy set of Web Services and write whole logic of fetching master data from the scratch and that would be a real PULL operation but I do not see the point

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What master data exactly? The "pull" scenario exists for the Treasury information, for example. One system sends a "request" IDoc and the other system then replies with the data. I think some BW interfaces work the same way. Might be worth looking into. Otherwise would have to be something custom, as already mentioned.

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Thanks Jelena for the reply.

Its a diverse set of master data.

Material master, BOM Routing,dependencies etc are the basic ones to name for.

On your idea of  request Idoc triggering the reply from destination system is also a PUSH, isn't it ?

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Where is the exact problem? The transactions are in the menu, BD11 to get the material, BD13 to get customer