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Mass change of the Original System

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Hello Experts!!!

We need to do a massive change of the original system to avoid repair tasks. I know that thru SE03 or SM30->TADIR is possible, but we need to do it to all objects in the system.... I think It might exist a standar tool for that... what do you think???

Thanks a lot!!!!



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Not sure, folks in forum "Netweaver Administrator" might know, I think this is one of the many tasks when doing system copies.

You could write your own program for this in about ten lines of code. Don't forget a rigid auth check


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Thanks Thomas!!! I'll also look in the Netweaver Administrator forum .... I'm trying to avoid changing this with a program, doing it that way I can only think about doing an Update to a table and I don't know the further implications of changing those entries like that...

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Also interesting: transport of copies / relocation of objects


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Thanks!!! this is very interesting!