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Maitain Messages

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Hi all,

Is there a way to maitain messages, meaning, changing the status from, for example, error to warning.

Is there a transaction which centralizes all the messages or it depends on the module?




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Hi Hagit,

Two ways you can change the status.

If there is a standard configuration available for messages you can do it. Otherwise you have to change the program itself. Because messages are stored irrespective of its type (Information, Warning, Error, Abend). The status depends upon how you use it in the program.

For example if the message called in the program is like;

message e100(sd). << This is an error message

If you want to change this to warning. Then change the coding as given below.

message w100(sd).

You can see all the messages under a message class using the transaction SE91.


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Yes, you can maintain the messages in customizing by changing the message type from error to warning and it module specific.

SE91 is the T-Code for maintaining the messages

For example in FI you can try using OBA5 t-code for specific application area.

Prabhu Rajesh

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Hi Prabhu Rajesh,

Thank's for the reply.

Do you know the transaction like OBA5, for MM?



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Which part of MM?

Try (in the IMG) Materials Management > Inventory Management and Physical Inventory > Define Attributes of System Messages .

Or just search the IMG structure for "Define Attributes of System Messages".



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look for table t100C (resp. view V_T100C)

regards Andreas