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Maintain table - enter conditions - field selection

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I have created a transaction to allow our users to maintain a Z* table. Because the table has many thousands of records, I have set it up so that they can restrict the records displayed (ie I have created a Z* transaction & set it up so that it goes to SM30, table name is entered, radio button "enter conditions" is on & skip first screen). The first screen the user then sees is the "Field Selection" popup. It displays every field on the Z* table. I need to restrict it to displaying only certain fields as I have to authority-check (using event 25) on the Sales Organization and some of the fields are not unique to Sales Organization.

So.... Does anybody know how I can restrict or even just grey out some of the fields on the "Field Selection" popup?

Thanks in advance,



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One solution i would suggest is, though i guess itz not very effective:

1. Design a customized screen with the fields you need in the popup.

2. From your program Call this screen. Take the inputs.

3. Do a recording for SM30.

4. Call the transaction with the parameters.

Maybe this should give you some idea.



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hi Brigitte,

yes we can have selection screen for restricting the data to be displayed in the maintenance screen SM30. But for this, you dont need to have a program in which you write call screen, etc.. you just need to follow the steps mentioned below.

<b>step1:</b> create a maintenance view for the Ztable from SE11.

<b>step2:</b> in the "<b>veiw fields" tab</b>, enter '<b>S'</b> in <b>column 'P'</b> for the fields which you want in the first screen (selection screen). (you will not see this column unless you scroll the horizontal scroll bar to the left)

<b>step3:</b>now create the maintenance screen (one step). for this navigate using the menu-path <b>Utilities->Table Maintenance Generator</b>

<b>step4:</b>goto sm30 and maintain/display the view, you will first get a popup with the fields you want to restrict the data.

Hope this helps.

Sajan Joseph.

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Eswar, thanks anyway. I'd thought of that (and we do have similar programs) but I was hoping I could get away with not writing a program.

Sajan, thanks but it didn't work. Whichever fields I put "S" against do appear in the selection screen but not as ranges, and I had to fill all of them in which meant I only got 1 record returned. What I'd like the user to be able to do is select only those customers in their Sales Org, or only those customers in a particular Sales Group, or a range of customers within their Sales Org. etc. and have the whole list displayed at once. That way they could do changes to many related customers at the same time. Any ideas?

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just question: Contains your z-table fields Sales Org or Sales Group? If so, you can create a variant of maintenance view. If no, you have to create new view (join your table e.g. with knmt or other useful table) and then create variant foer sm30.



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These are the fields on the table I want the users to be able to maintain:










I don't want the users to be able to select by zcustclass, zprimary or zcategory because they are not unique to sales org. I can get the sales org for all the others in order to do my authority-check. The users will need to see all the fields on the change view and maintain the 4 Z* fields.

Thanks, Brigitte

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Hi, it is too late to answer (I had no time to think about it). I look to your mail and I understand that new view do not solve it. I think that i bit of programmimg will be neccesary to solve your problem.



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Pavel. I gave up and wrote a program that gave me the selection fields I needed on a selection screen, did the authority-check, then called SM30. Thanks anyway for taking the time to try to help.

Regards, Brigitte