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Main window of SAPScript versus Main window of smartform

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In case of Smartform we have one main window per page but in case of SAP Script we can have 0 to 99 Main window on one page.

In case of smartform if the main window on one page gets filled then the remaining long text will jump on main window of second page.

Following are my doubts:

If I define three MAIN windows for three different kind of long texts on page one in SAP Script as follows:

MAIN Window 1 - Long text1

Main Window 2 - Long text2

Main Window 3 - Long text3

1) If the long text 1 on MAIN window 1 of first page gets full does it automatically jump to Main Window 2 of first page ?

2) If I don't want the long text on Main Window 1 to jump on Main window 2 on first page but on Main winodw 1 of next page , is it possible ? How do I do it ?

Answers will be rewarded..



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In SAPScripts if the long text is filled in the Main Window it will spill over into the same Main Window if it is defined in the next page. Text from one Main Window will nt spill over onto the text to different Main window.

So as far as you questions are concerned:

1. Not it does not automatically jump over into Main Window 2 from Main Window 1 on same page or next page.

2. You just need to define the Same Main Window on the next page so that text gets jumped over to the next page. If it is possible just define the next page as the same page, so that you do not have to create a separate page and attach all the windows.

Hope this helps you...

Shashi Reddy

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Before giving any points let me tell you that I don't agree on solution for question 1 since follwoing is given in SAP HELP:

"Each page can consist of up to 99 main windows. Each main window is assigned a consecutive identifying number (0..98), and the windows are filled in this order. This feature enables SAPscript to print labels and to output multi-column text. <b>When one main window fills up, the next main window on that page is taken, if there is a next one.</b> A page break is inserted after the last main window."

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Did you actually try it in you system or just speculating based on the what you read in the documentation....

I feel documentation is in context to the order of processing multiple main windows on a page. But not about the data flow across main windows. If you haven't tried it. I would encourage you to try it and share your results....


Shashi Reddy

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Thanks for your prompt reply.

Since I don't have data in my sand pit, I can't test it.

So I thought just to clear my concepts before the functional people put data in sandpit and I start developing and testing.

I will share my results as soon as the stuff is done.