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Mail to Lotus Notes Group?

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I need to send a mail from SAP to Lotus Notes Group. I know only Lotus Notes group name.

Whether is this possible from SAP?


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As per my knowledge, you can not send mail to Lotus notes group from outside mail server. It will be available only with-in Lotus notes.

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Raja T

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Hi a®s,

you send SMTP protocol. If you can send from any external or internet mail to the group, you can from SAP..

You will need to use a fully qualified e-mail address for that group. The Send Mail task uses SMTP and as such should follow SMTP rules.

Lotus Notes can get away with not using fully qualified e-mail addresses because it isn't using SMTP to talk to the Notes server -- even though the server might accept SMTP.

I don't know how to create a valid SMTP address in Notes.