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hi experts,

in lsmw i have a project proj_1, subproject subproj_1, object obj_1.

i have written a user defined routine for obj_1.

next i created another object obj_2 with the same project and subproject.

but the routine i created in obj_1 reflects here also, reflecting in the sense, it gets displayed in the user defined routines step, but when i try to syntax check the second object obj_2, error pops up that the routine parameters not in obj_2. they woudnt be there obvisouly..but how to overcome this probelm...

of limiting the routime to only one object...routines are global for the project..but how to limit for a particulat object and how to use for another...

pls throw some light on this...

helpful answers awarded....


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You can create more than 1 Subproject under a project and you can create more than 1 object under the Subproject.



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Dear sudheer,

firstly thanks for your aware, that we can create another subproject, but my requirement is that i have to use the same subproject..any idea of setting a flag for a particular object?..

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try like this ... just comment out the routine code in ur object obj_2....& check for the syntax...

but i wonder ... whether it relects as commented code in object obj_1.

let us know...


Manjunath MS

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Dear manjunath and sudheer,

thanks for ur suggestions. no commenting doesnt work..but i have found out a solution..

by taking

form routine.

if g_object = 'obj_1'.




it checks the object name and skips if it doesnt matches.

it worked for me...

once gain thanks for your prompt replies..