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LSMW Read Fails

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I'm reading a file from the local PC for conversion. All the appalication server file paths for both READ and CONVERT files are correct on the server.

Till yesterday everything was fine.

But suddenly in the READ file ..there are not records read .I see everyting as 0

Pls help what could be the problem Im new to LSMW



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<b>Goto the specify files and assign files path and see whether u have specified the correct path for file.</b>

See whetehr u have followed the following steps:


1. Maintain Attributes:

Here you have to choose the second option and you can do the recording how this should work. Then assign the same to the Batch Input Recording name.

2. Maintain Source structure:

Create a structure name

3. Maintain Source field:

In this you have to create a structure same as taht of the input file

eg: name



4. Maintain structure relations:

This will link the structure to the input file.

5. Maintain field mapping and conversion rules:

Here is the place where you can do coding, depending upon the code you have written or assignment you have done the values will get picked up from the file and get processed.

6. Maintain field mapping and conversion rules:

If you have any fixed values you can define here.

7. Specify files:

Specify the input file path and type.

8. Assign files:

This will assign ur file to the Input file

9. Read Data:

This will read ur data from teh file.

10. Dispaly Read Data:

You can see the uploaded data

11. Convert Data

This will convert the data to the corresponding format for processing

12. Display Converted data:

13. Create batch input session

Here this will create a batch input session for processing

14. Run Batch Input session:

By clicking on the session and process the same you can do teh needfu.

Hope this helps you.

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Please check if the file is present at the specified address path...

May be the file location is moved or deleted..

Kindly check that..

Award if useful..



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Please check the existence of file in PC again and specify the files again , give new path for READ and CONVERT data and read the data again , it should work.

Please write to me if you need help documents for LSMW


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It could be that the Disk space on the Application Server is not enough to write the and lsmw.conv files. Just try n check up with the BASIS guy.