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LSMW-material master-convert data step problem

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Hello Abapers,

I am trying to upload material master thru direct input method(LSMW).My source structure has the following fields:


<b>1Q</b>.To what all target structures(BGR00,BMM00,BMMH1,BMMH2,...BMMH8) do we assign the source structures??

<b>2Q</b> If i have to select any I need to assign constant value 'X' to the target structure field or I should maintain those values in my legacy data??

<b>3Q</b> What are the different timezones in LSMW???



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The Time zone is defined in table TTZCU (refer to note: 91667) for System wide and Client wide. If you want it for individual user, go to SU01 under the default Personal Time zone sections. Settings for individual users is done when you have global users in different time zone. For Local users only, go to SM30 and change the table TTZCU. e.g. UTC+8

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Hi Prav,

BGR00,BMM00 are to be mapped anyway.

To know which other starget structures are to be mapped, click on the structure description to see the fields. You must assign source structures to all those structures which have the fields in your source structure(I think all of those fields will be in BMMH1 in your case).

2) Yes you have to assign X to the views . In your case you should map an X to the basic data view as all your fields are BASIC data only.



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Hi Ravi,

Thanks for the reply.I have mapped BGR00,BMM00 and BMMH1. But i want to populate the data for only MATNR,MBRSH,MTART,MAKTX,MEINS.All the other structure fields of BGR00,BMM00 and BMMH1 like Plant , Company code, Sales organization are getting default values '/'.When I run the direct input program, SAP is not accepting the '/' value.

My source structure has MATNR,MBRSH,MTART,MAKTX,MEINS fields.

Any suggestion how to proceed...?