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lsmw doubt.

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hi all ,

i have one excel file (.csv).

and in that i have three worksheet.

i can read the data from first worksheet using function module(alsm_excel_to_internal_table).

<b>how i read data from second worksheet into internal table.

how to fetch data from second worksheet from same excel file.</b>

help me.

thank you.


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this might be helpful

eport zrich_0001.

include ole2incl.

data: e_sheet type ole2_object.

data: e_appl type ole2_object.

data: e_work type ole2_object.

data: e_col1 type ole2_object.

data: e_col2 type ole2_object.

data: e_cols type ole2_object.

data: e_cell type ole2_object.

data: e_wind type ole2_object.

data: field_value(30) type c.

parameters: p_file type localfile default 'C:\RichTest.xls'.


  • Start the application

create object e_appl 'EXCEL.APPLICATION'.

set property of e_appl 'VISIBLE' = 1.

  • Open the file

call method of e_appl 'WORKBOOKS' = e_work.

call method of e_work 'OPEN'


#1 = p_file.

  • Write data to the excel file

do 20 times.

  • Create the value

field_value = sy-index.

shift field_value left deleting leading space.

concatenate 'Cell' field_value into field_value separated by space.

  • Position to specific cell in Column 1

call method of e_appl 'Cells' = e_cell


#1 = sy-index

#2 = 1.

  • Set the value

set property of e_cell 'Value' = field_value .

  • Position to specific cell in Column 2

call method of e_appl 'Cells' = e_cell


#1 = sy-index

#2 = 2.

  • Set the value

set property of e_cell 'Value' = field_value .

  • Position to specific cell in Column 3

call method of e_appl 'Cells' = e_cell


#1 = sy-index

#2 = 3.

  • Set the value

set property of e_cell 'Value' = field_value .

t_text-charg = itab-value.




append t_text.

ENDFORM. " upload_data


*& Form modify_table


  • Modify the table ZBATCH_CROSS_REF


FORM modify_table.

loop at t_text.

t_final-werks = t_text-werks.

t_final-cmatnr = t_text-cmatnr.

t_final-srlno = t_text-srlno.

t_final-matnr = t_text-matnr.

t_final-charg = t_text-charg.

t_final-erdat = sy-datum.

t_final-erzet = sy-uzeit.

t_final-ernam = sy-uname.

t_final-rstat = 'U'.

append t_final.

clear t_final.


delete t_final where werks = ''.

describe table t_final lines g_line.

sort t_final by werks cmatnr srlno.

  • Deleting the Duplicate Records

perform select_data.

describe table t_final lines g_line1.

modify zbatch_cross_ref from table t_final.

if sy-subrc ne 0.

write:/ 'Updation failed'.


Skip 1.

Write:/12 'Updation has been Completed Sucessfully'.

skip 1.

Write:/12 'Records in file ',42 g_line .

write:/12 'Updated records in Table',42 g_line1.


delete from zbatch_cross_ref where werks = ''.

ENDFORM. " modify_table


*& Form select_data


  • Deleting the duplicate records


FORM select_data.

select werks


srlno from zbatch_cross_ref

into table t_zbatch for all entries in t_final

where werks = t_final-werks

and cmatnr = t_final-cmatnr

and srlno = t_final-srlno.

sort t_zbatch by werks cmatnr srlno.

loop at t_zbatch.

read table t_final with key werks = t_zbatch-werks

cmatnr = t_zbatch-cmatnr

srlno = t_zbatch-srlno.

if sy-subrc eq 0.

delete table t_final .


clear: t_zbatch,