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LSMW - Direct Input - Sales order - item texts

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Hi Gurus,

To transfert all orders from old system to new SAP system, I make this with LSMW and program RVINVB10.

The creation of header and item of orders is good but I have a problem with item texts.

In LSMW, I have create one structure et I have affected this to the struct BTEXHKOM and BTEXLKOM.

In BTEXHKOM, the field LAISO = 'FR' and TDID='ZM03' (Id of customer text).

In BTEXLKOM, the field TXTPARAGRAPH='/' and TXLINE='BLABLABLABLA' (no more 72 char).

In actions 'Read Data' and 'Convert Data', I see this two structs. But after execution of Direct Input program, I don't see text in my item of sales order.

I think I miss something.

Can you help me ???

Thanks a lot

Laurent Guilloteau


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How do you fill OLDNR in the relevant structures? Reading the description I assume this must hold the "old" sales document number, otherwise the system would not know the "new" sales order number where to attach the long text.


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Thanks but it's not the problem.

I have resolved this by affecting category item. Now, I see text on my item order.

But now, I have another problem : I want to retrieve a long text (or 2/3 texts for 72 char : limit of field TXLINE in LSMW) and I don't this.

Have you solution ????

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>I want to retrieve a long text (or 2/3 texts for 72 char : limit of field TXLINE in LSMW) and I don't this.

Sorry, not clear to me. Please describe in more detail.

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Hi Laurent Guilloteau,

I am facing a similar issue.

We are trying to upload sales order data using LSMW Standard Batch/Direct input using program name RVINVB10 and program type D. We are not able to upload item text but we are not having any problem in uploading remaining data.

the details we are passing to BTEXHKOM structure are......




and the for structure BTEXLKOM





we have three input source structures.

IHEADER Header structure

LITEM Line item structure ( Material data )

IPARTN Partners structure

The structure relationships are



Please let me know if I am doing some thing wrong or some thing else need to be done.



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My item text make more than 200 characters. In LSMW, field TXLINE make 72 characters maxi.

When I create sales order with VA01, I have no limit in item text.

In LSMW, I can't retrieve a text of more than 72 characters.

I can't have more structs BTEXLKOM for one BTEXHKOM.

How can I do this ???

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>I can't have more structs BTEXLKOM for one BTEXHKOM.

I have to admit, I don't have recent experience with that very upload program, but based on my experiences with similar cases you should be allowed have any number of BTEXLKOM for one BTEXHKOM structure.

Split your source text into lines of 72 and only fill TXPARGRAPH with "/" for the first of these lines. This requires some advanced coding in the LSMW though.


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Yes, but I have only one struct BEXTLKOM for one BEXTHKOM.

I don't know why because in my entry file I have more than one line.

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Thank's for all.

I find.

I had a single structure BEXTLKOM because I had only one input file on the texts.

Now, I have two files and it's good.

Good luck