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Looking for possibility to change ALV grid to list output

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Hi all,

I'm looking for a possibility to switch the ALV grid to simply list output. The customer background is that there is a huge customer AVL Grid (column tree). The GUI Flush takes lot of time. I suppose that if this would not be ALV, but simple list, then it will not take so much time to fill the list instead of GUI Flush. The customer print the output anyway, so they need simple list. Is there any ALV central switch (customizing), which I can use or it has to be supported by the application itself (to provide such an option)?

Kind regards



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If you run the program in background you get a spool generated for your report.

Can you use the spool to print out the report.

SM37- to view background job

Bonus - The spool can be emailed to recipients also . Please look in parameters in SM36 to email the report output.