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Locking issue in WS_DELIVERY_UPDATE_2

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Hi ,

We are using function module WS_DELIVERY_UPDATE_2 to do PGI of delivery but we are getting error message 'The requested object is locked by another transaction' , Description of error is as follows :

A lock requested by calling an ENQUEUE function module cannot be provided because the object in question has already been locked by its own transaction.

Technical Information: The C_ENQUEUE routine returns the following values:



Any pointers to resolve this issue would be highly helpful .

Thanks in advance,



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You can use t-code SM12 to release the locks. But before that please make a note of which is the call locking the object so that you can be sure whats causing the lock.


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Check the parameter NICHT_SPERREN_1 passed to the function module. Passing a Y to this parameter prevents locking of the preceeding document within the function module. you may need to check what is causing the lock. Is it a lock within your process that is trying to lock again ? either way check the parameter and try it out.

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COLLISION_OBJECT = ECSL_MTLK indicates that it is a cross system lock (CSL) it is a lock across systems or across transactions. For example SAP system & CRM system.

To monitor CSL locks, use transaction SMCL.

Refer to the documentation on CSL locking for further information.