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Limit on the number of file names retrieved using FM 'RZL_READ_DIR_LOCAL'

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Hi All,

I am using FM 'RZL_READ_DIR_LOCAL' , to retrieve file names from a specified directory.

When executed, i am getting 10,000 records(file names) only against lakhs of files present in the directory.

I would like to know if there is any limitation on the number of file names retrieved using that FM and how to over come it.

Also please let me know if the FM 'EPS2_GET_DIRECTORY_LISTING' also has any such limitations.

Thanks in advance,

Sreeni Vallem


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This thread was discussed few days ago in SCN and looks similar to this question. You can have a look at the response given by Stefan Tobias. Its suggested to use an external command and execute it through SXPG_COMMAND_EXECUTE. The command is also provided by Stefan.

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Hi Kesav,

I have already gone through that thread.

My problem is regarding the limitation of the number of records retrieved.

Since the number of records retrieved is '10000' which is a round figure, i am assuming it as a limitation.

Since my code is in production server, i would like to ensure any changes i made shouldn't give similer limitation.

I would like to know if any body has already faced the same issue and how they solved it.


Sreeni Vallem

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I did not know about this limitation of number of files returned. You can give a try to the external command way of doing it in your development system. Well, creating 10001 files in development is a boring job . You can write a sample program as Rob has mentioned in this thread and copy files to a specific directory . This doesn't disturb the existing program written.

Mean while let's wait for expert's reply.


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There is no indication in the FM of any limit. However, a list of 10,000 files is hardly manageable already. Instead I would try to limit number of files (e.g. move processed files to another directory). Or switch to external command, as already suggested.