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Lifetime of ABAP OO Objects

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wir setzen für unser Webreporting ein Konstrukt aus BSP und ABAP OO ein.

Dieses Konstrukt ist folgendermaßen aufgebaut:                          

BSP hat Anwendungsklasse, Anwendungsklasse hat Attribut mit Ref. auf    

1. Objekt, 1.Objekt hat eine attributstabelle mit n-Referenzen auf 2-n.


Nun würden wir gerne den Timeout des Webreportings höher setzen, was    

ja über profilparameter möglich ist. Allerdings verliert das Attribut   

der Anwendungsklasse nach einer gewissen Zeit ( größer 9 min.) die      

referenz auf die objekte. Und somit können die Webreports aus dieser    

Konstruktion nicht mehr gestartet werden. Gibt es einen Parameter       

oder sonstwas um die Lebenszeit von Objekten zu steuern ?         

Ich gehe davon aus das der Garbage Collector nicht greift da die        

objekt- referenz ja noch besteht.    

sieh auch OSS Nr. 34327




for our Webreporting we use a model of BSP and ABAP OO.

This model looks like the following:

The BSP has a Applicatonclass,

The Applicationclass has a attribute with a reference to Object 1

Object 1 has a attribute table with n-references to Object 2 - n-

Now we would like to raise up the timeout for Webreporting by set up the Param.

But a after a unknown time (higher than 9 min.) the attribute in the application class loose the

reference to object 1. IN this case your reports can´t start in this model.

Is there a param to control the lifetime of an Object ? I think that the Garbage Collector is not

the problem, because the object reference still exists. Maybe there is a special timout for this objects?

see also OSS Call Nr. 34327

Best regards and thank you for any help



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What do you mean with "loose the reference"? Does this just occuer suddenly without any known reason? This would be indeed a framework error and worth an OSS error message.

Or is it intended behaviour that the reference is deleted from the application class but the sub-objects refrenced by the table should be reused later in the same session?

For this you have to hold the refrence to the table somehow (maybe another "parking" attribute at the application class")

In general the garbage collector deletes also trees of objects flowing unconnected around. So if you have an object A wich holds a reference to object B which holds references to several objects C-Z then all objects B-Z are deleted by the garbage collector when the reference pointing from A to B is deleted.