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License Measurement for Supply and Demand Planning

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Hello Everyone!

I have a question with SAP licensing measurements, I want to know if there is any report or a way to keep a track of audit measurements on SCM DP and SNC.

-On ECC -USMM-User based license

-On PI/XI- There is a standard SAP report which shows data volumes daily/weekly and monthly

Want to know if there is any report or any way to keep track licensing measurement in SNC/DP for locations and Products?

In USMM 'Measurement Statistics' did not see data specific locations or products.

Thanks Much in Advance!


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Usually for SCM as well, USMM works. Do you create internet users? If so the corresponding user should exists in SU01, for example ICH.

As long as your user master records exists in SU01, usmm is enough. You can always check with the contract made with SAP or else contact SAP license support directly.

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Did you find a report that shows the used data volume for SAP XI/PI?

Kind regards,


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We are implementing SCM system and I need to edit the User Types in USMM to meet our companies user license types. I am able to edit the description, save it and get the message "Data Saved". But the description is not saved and goes back to the default . Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

best regards,

Chris K.

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You first need to consolidate data from the different systems to a single system, IF ECC is your core system and you intend to collate data from ECC, you should connect your other productive environments to ECC using the program RSLAW_PLUGIN, it is a simple program to establish a RFC connection between the systems. You can talk to your SAP License auditor and ask for more documentation on License Admnistration Workbench (LAW tool is how they refer)

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Shekar -

Thanks for the quick response. I must have not been very clear on my problem. I am only trying to prepare for when we will run the LAW later this year. This is a new system and getting it ready. We use licence User Types 71-75 for special license types and user classification. I am wanting to edit the description of those user types using transaction USMM. That is where it tells me it save the change, but doesn't . I am just checking OSS to see if there is something there.

thanks again.

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if i understand you correct, your intention is to change the default user type that SAP defines. If 71 is a Special Module Type 2 , you would like to rename this as 71 - < your own definition>

I dont think it would make sense to SAP to have this kind of a arrangement practically workable. If you define 71 as XXX an i define 71 as YYYY, there would be incisistencies for evaluating how many user licenses of a particular type have been sold, right?

Not that what i said is true, but i was just thinking out loud

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I suppose you would need authorizations for License_admin and the object S_SDCC, with administration rights. Give it a try & if it doesnt help - you can always check on OSS

This is for changing a user type from 71 to 72 or something similar - not to change the user type text

Edited by: Shekar.J on Jun 9, 2010 4:08 PM

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Thank you for your reply. You are correct that I want to edit a User Type description. For example we use type 74 for a special classification and want to name it for that. I have done this in ERP and BW systems with no problem. The issue is not security related; so I hope to find somthing on OSS.

Thanks again!


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> Shekar,

> I have done this in ERP and BW systems with no problem. The issue is not security related; so I hope to find somthing on OSS.


> Thanks again!

> c

thats is a eye opener for me.........thanks for letting me know that it is possible to change the user type descriptions. I will try my own share of tricks with it

And good luck with your search on OSS