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Leave Workflow - Delete escalated workitem from Universal Worklist

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Regarding HR's Leave Workflow on Enterprise Portal

Scenario - The leave request is escalated from Approver1 (Boss) to Approver2 (SuperBoss) after a certain time limit - This was achieved using Deadline monitoring ("Process Control : Set to Obsloete")

Problem - However, The request still shows as 'Pending for approval' in the Universal Worklist of Approver1(Boss).

The Approver1(Boss) is still able to process this request, although it has been escalated to Approver2 (SuperBoss)

Ideally,on escalation, the request should have deleted from the Universal Worklist (Enterprise Portal) of Approver1 (Boss).

Any solutions .. We have modelled our own Workflow on 20000081


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I think what you need is a modeled deadline , since in a standard deadline reaction, the status of the monitored work item is not changed. the work item still can be executed by one of the recipients (Boss in your case) before the workflow can continue, if you want the work item to be aborted when the deadline is exceeded, you need to use a modeled deadline reaction.

If you choose the modeled variation as the response to a missed deadline, you get a new outcome, where processing starts as soon as the deadline is missed, deadline branches are not joined with the actual workflow, therfore you will have to insert a process control step that should be executed for exactly this missed deadline.

you can either use the workflow wizard to assist you in the creation of the modeled deadline monitoring.

If you want to do it manually, you can follow the process given below.

-> on outcomes tab, activate the outcome processing obsolete

-> on the relevant deadline tab page, enter a name for your deadline outcome on the modeled tab (on the deadline table page) page.

Insert a process control step in the new branch after the outcome name (as given on modeled tab page). In the step definition, specifiy that the work item of the deadline-triggering step is to be set to obsolete.

In the branch processing obsolete you can modle alternative steps that are to be executed when the deadline is missed.

Hope this is useful for you.