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Leading zero getting truncated in .CSV format GUI_DOWNLOAD

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Hello experts,

I am trying to download the data using GUI_DOWNLOAD in .CSV format but the leading zeros are getting truncated. For instance Company code 0001 is displayed as 1 in the CSV File. But when I open the same file in notepad I am seeing 0001. Is this a known issue or this is how .CSV format should be?

I have gone through some threads in SDN but they are not helpful.

Your expert advise is much appreaciated.


Abdul Hakim


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That is how excel displays values like 0001. It interprets them as a number and removes leading zeros.

If you don't want this happen and you want excel to treat them like text, you need to append a quote at the beginning of the token like '0001

You can use concatenate like below to append a single leading quote

field = '0001'.
CONCATENATE ''''  field INTO field.

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Vishnu, It is not happening with CSV.


Abdul Hakim

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Hi ,

Save your File in .txt format using gui_download.

Open blank excell file and import txt file and during that change colummn properties as TExt .