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LAYOUT designing?

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for kna1 table when u click on display table contents in se11 it will display a screen for entering customer no from this number to this number.

so i need same type of design in my layout set also.

so give me steps to design customer field for my screen layout?

Reply me soon,


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Hi Sath,

you can define selection screens using ABAP statements in a program. Simple statements allow you to create input fields, checkboxes, and radio buttons, and design the screen layout. If you want to create a screen exclusively for data input, you do not need to create it using the normal dialog programming tools. When you create a selection screen, the system automatically assumes the tasks of the Screen Painter and Menu Painter.

The rules for calling and defining selection screens in ABAP programs depend on the program type:

· Executable program without logical database

You can use a single standard selection screen and as many user-defined selection screens as you wish. The standard selection screen is called automatically when you start the program. User-defined selection screens, on the other hand, are called using the CALL SELECTION-SCREEN statement in a program. The standard selection screen always has the screen number 1000. User-defined selection screens can have any screen number except 1000.

· Executable program with logical database

The standard selection screen for an executable program linked to a logical database is made up of the logical database selections and the program selections.

· Module Pools and Function Modules

You can only use user-defined selection screens in module pools and function modules. These can have any number apart from 1000. You can only call a selection screen from a function module using the CALL SELECTION-SCREEN statement. You can use a user-defined selection screen in a module pool as the initial screen of a transaction.

You can also define selection screens as Subscreens and incorporate them in screens or tabstrip controls.

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You can simply write a report and declare SELECT-OPTIONS like

tables: kna1.


this will give kunnr field with two fields FROm and TO

and write a ALV report to display all the contents of table KNA1.

you will get the same output as that of SE11 fields display

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