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Large file conversion

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Has anyone out there had to deal with a large file conversion, i.e., the data to be loaded into R/3 is very large, too large to fit in an Excel file. Originally we suggested to the conversion team to put their data in an Excel file and we would flag all the records that were not loaded so they could find them easily and correct the data. However, now they tell us the number of records is too large for an Excel file and they DON'T want to split the file up into manageable pieces.

They also don't want to use a BDC session to correct the errors.

Any sharing of past experiences would be appreciated.




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Depends on the skills in your team perhaps; when we've hit Excel limits in the past then Access has been the next tool of choice (often because it's already installed on the desktop). This means you could, if you wanted, knock up a bit of RFC code in Access VB and + a "Call Transaction" function module in ABAP to do the file conversion, and they could correct any fails / bad data from within the Access system. It's not going to perform as well as an ABAP with the usual "<i>load dataset into memory, do lots of call transactions, write the errors to a BDC session</i>" though (and run times could be critical to your project).