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Jumping of cursor to the top of the screen once enter is hit

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Hi ABAPers,

I would like to ask for your help regarding this issue.

When user hits enter button in a Field, in an ALV cell, or any blank space in the screen, it will reload and the cursor and scroll bar jumps to the top of the screen even if the current cursor is in the middle or last part of the screen.

This is happening in a webgui particulary SAP Netweaver running in IE11 browser. But not in R3 environment.

Let me know your thoughts on this. Thank you very much!


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The conversion of dynpros into HTML is a standard feature, so you should first search for SAP notes (I remember there's a note about limitations), and after that you may send a message to the SAP support.

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Hi Sandra,

I am not familiar in accessing the SAP notes as I do not have account/ user ID to login from there server.

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It is a normal requirement for a developer to have access to sap notes to be able to search for fixes themselves. You should ask your management/basis team for access. Or perhaps you have another team who can search the notes for you?

Access to notes comes as part of the whole package with a licensed system.Your system is licensed, isn't it?

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You might have placed your ALV inside a TAB strip.. Hence clicking on the white space takes you to the top.. for some reason the focus is set to the TAB control.. I guess there is no solution for this at present but there is workaround.. You may need to remove your tab strip or break the pages so that your ALV data shows up on the first page always and not flows to the next page or you can put a tray container inside the TAB strip and then place your ALV container..

Let me know if this works.



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Hi Senthil,

This is not just happening in the ALV part but also even in a text field or drop down list. Whenever I choose from the list and hit enter to auto populate other fields based from my input. Once I hit enter, it will reload and the scroll bar jumps to the top screen. So I need to scroll down again.

This is not happening in R3 environment but in the Webgui / SAP Netweaver.