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Hi All,

Just would like to get advise frm everyone, I've program which read the excel file from presentation server and then proceed with the rest of processing in foreground mode. Im wonder Is it possible after reading this file and populated all these data in internal table and start run the rest of processing in backgroud mode by using FM like JOB_OPEN, JOB_SUBMIT, JOB_CLOSE?

Appreaciate you all can advise accordingly. Thanks


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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If you are reading the Excel file using the GUI upload service, this won't work in background. You'd have to access the file on the presentation server via the OS file system to read the file.

Perhaps this will help:

The answer to the rest of the question will depend on what kind of foreground processing do you have after reading the file.

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Thanks for your reply. The rest of processing after reading the upload file is like document posting via BAPI, data retrieval from

tables, report, etc. Is it possible to make these process submit in background processing where only reading upload file in foreground processing?

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Can be done, create 2 programs,

I Program

1) Upload the excel data in foreground.

2) Export the internal table data to memory using "EXPORT itab TO


3) Use the JOB_OPEN, JOB_SUBMIT and JOB_CLOSE to run the II program in background.

II Program

1) Import the internal table data from memory using "IMPORT itab FROM


2) Remaining logic.........

3) Delete the INDX entry from memory using "DELETE FROM DATABASE INDX(ST) ID INDXKEY".

  • Note check the syntax of IMPORT, EXPORT and DELETE statements.

Thanks & Regards

Bala Krishna

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Yes, you can schedule a background job using JOB_OPEN, JOB_SUBMIT and JOB_CLOSE after uploading the file in foreground mode

You can schedules another instance of the current program (run in foreground) as a background job. You would of course need to make a distinction in the current program between foreground and background modes using SY-BATCH variable.