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IT_TABLE Is not a Database Table - SE51

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Hi All,

I am trying to create a screen in SE51 which will take in a table and output one of the fields as rows of text and allow the user to assign data to each row.

However when I try to create the screen (which I am basing off screen 200 on SAPMZLT10W) it tells me that my internal table is not a database table. However in SAPMZLT10W it doesn't appear to be one either.

Has anyone encountered this issue before?

Many thanks for any help provided, points awarded.




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Declare the internal table in the main program and use is when creating the screen.



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This is done already. It is declared as follows:

TYPES: BEGIN OF ty_sealnos,

prueflos TYPE qals-prueflos,

ktextlos TYPE qals-ktextlos,

END OF ty_sealnos.

DATA t_sealnos TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF ty_sealnos "For TO Bapi



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if you goto SE51 Screen painter layout -> if you click on Dict/program fields -> here you are entring internal table.

do not click on get from dict,just use get from Program.

if you click on get from dict then you will get same message.



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Make sure that you are not checking the "From Dict." checkbox, this means that it will attempt to tied the database table to the screen field, so make sure this is unchecked for those particular fields. You can do this by going to screen painter and double clicking on the certain field, then in the dialog, click the "Dict" tab at the bottom, uncheck the "From Dict." checkbox.


Rich Heilman

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I was able to solve this issue myself. The error message that SAP was giving was misleading.

The real issue was that I was after placing a loop that contained a move statement directly into the flow logic of the screen. To solve the problem I had to code the loop to call another MODULE within the screen's PBO.

Code is as follows, many thanks for your help:

  MODULE status_1100.
  MODULE setup_1100. "Initialise Variables

  LOOP AT t_sealnos CURSOR v_curr_line.
    MODULE display_1100. "Display Table