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Issue with Transaction Variant

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Hi ,

In our system for VA02 transaction 3 transaction variants are created , how can I identify which Transaction variant is being called when I execute transaction VA02?




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in SHDO - which one is active? (There's an icon of a match on the right hand side of the name - alight or no ...)

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Check the transaction variant name in se93 for VA02.That will be the default variant.



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Are you asking how, during program execution, you can determine which transaction variant was used? In this case, if the transaction variant was created in SHD0 and a new transaction code (eg. ZVA02) was created for the transaction variant, then you will see the ZVA02 transaction code in SY-TCODE when ZVA02 is executed.

.. Craig

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there are 3 transaction variants created v1,v2,v3 for VA02 T-code. I can see them in SHD0. How can identify which transaction varint is being used when I execute T-code VA02?

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If you select one of them, how does the match-icon look? active or no?

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HI Mylene,

For the the variants 'Activate ' MAtch Icon is active.Deactvate match icon is grated out.