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Issue with Table Control using Screen Painter Wizard

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I am experiencing inconsistent results using Table Control created via the screen painter table control wizard, I have not changed or tampered with any of the ABAP code the wizard inserted into my application. My application in screen 1001 collects data from the user and then inserts the data into a table (it_collect) and then calls screen 1002 where I have a table control setup to review the data, the table control was created via the screen painter wizard and what's happening with extreme inconsistency is that not all the rows/entries in my table (it_collect) are being displayed. When I debug my table is [10x86] (or any number) but when I examine table control object/struct in this case called 1002_Collect the field LINES = 3 and the field COLS = Table[3x86] and so only three rows of my data is displayed where 10 should be. As I said this is largely inconsistent, sometimes all of the data rows are displayed, sometimes any number of rows are displayed. As anyone had a similar issue with table control wizard coding?


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That's why I never use Wizards -;) Better do hand coding...



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I had to add custom code to describe my internal table to be displayed in the table control then over write the the lines count in the table control code.