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Issue with Enqueue / Dequeue

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We are working on a scenario where data is got into SAP through Web methods to create Sales orders.

If we were to use Enqueue / Dequeue function while doing this would the web methods connection hold till the process is complete or would this time out in the middle?

Is there any time out period for the connection with web methods, and if so how can it can be reset to an alternate value


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the time out depends on the web method , generally you have option to set the time out for a particular page i think , just check it.

what is that web method you are using(is it its or BSP)



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The web method is of type ITS. When we use the Enqueue/Dequeue function to create Sales orders in SAP, and given the fact that it <b>does</b> take long to complete the process will the webmethods connection timeout or expire?

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in ITS if you click on object, you can see the parmaters like




give more time for Time out parameter, that should solve the problem.


Vijay D T T.