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Issue in Importing request from Quality to Production

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Hi Experts,

I have a request which is successfully imported to ECC Quality system. I have collected the 'Customer Exits, Functional Module, Function Groups' in this request. I am  getting the following error when I try to open the Function module in se37 in the Production system after the Import Process.

Function group ZRSAX contains errors

So, Kindly help me resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance !!!!


Gokulkumar RD


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Hi GokulKumar,

What are the errors you are getting ?

There will be case some of objects used in FM are not present in production system but the objects exist in quality system . This would have happened with the objects moved with some other transport request. Check from which object version from you are getting the error in development system.

Thanks & Regards,


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Hi Aruna,

I get this screen once I open the FM in SE37.

The collected request works fine in Quality server but not in Production server. Could you brief me about the other objects that i need to collect ?

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Aanlyze the syntax error thru SE37, some object(s) may be missing.(e.g. ddic object like CI include or almost anything)



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Goto SE80, select "function group" from drop down menu and provide your name of your function group(ZRSAX) and display it.

Once the FG is displayed, select the FG, and right click on it and do a check(syntax and other). It will help you to identify the error quickly.

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Hi Gokulkumar,

This message is FL(023).

Please  try to open the include report "zrsaxuxx" in tr-code SE38.

After translated by Google:

* Not for external call, for example, by rsfufill ...

* Not even when you delete, because the bodies have gone

* There is intercepted outside

* Error in UXX how shall he completed while generating

For German

*   Nicht beim externen Aufruf z.B. durch rsfufill...

*   Auch nicht beim Löschen, da müssen die Leichen weg

*   Dort wird außerhalb abgefangen

*   Fehler im UXX wie soll er beim Generieren abge

Hope it is helpful to you.


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hi gokul,

i guess you are function module not transported correctly means inside the fun. group there is no function module which you created please ,check the request whether it contain that fun. module inside fun. group or not if not include it then transport.( there is way using which u can create fun. group req. which contain you function module )

and please, if possible attach error screen shot here .

thanks & regards,

sachin .

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Hi Sachin,

Actually, we moved the request from ECC DEV to Quality server. If the collected request is wrong, then this issue should have been occurred in Quality server but Quality server works fine. This Logic is confusing me.


Gokulkumar RD

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ok. thanks for reply ...

i face the same problem earlier ( in my case on Quality server that function group already there but when i checked on Prod. server that fun. group is not there .)

so first i create new request which contain that fun. group & my fun. module  then transported it to QA and then PRD.

after that ,

i transported my actual request which contain my code & customer exit.

please , try this.

thanks and regards,


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Hi All,

When I open the FM in SE37, I get this screen.

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Are you sure you transported the whole Function Group ?

I have collected the 'Customer Exits, Functional Module,

Look in transport request for object R3TR FUGR ZRSAX. (some BW datasources ? )



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Hi Raymond,

Yes, I did collect the whole Function Group in SE80 but I did not see this object R3TR FUGR ZRSAX in the Transport request. Could you tell me how to collect this Object in Dev system ?


Gokulkumar RD

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Did you do a syntax check for your function group in SE80?

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If you don't see this object, then you were not successful in collecting the whole function group , so either

  • Use a transport tool (SE03, SE01) to manually add the entry in a transport task (and in menu don't forget to compress/lock object list)
  • Call se80 and from contextual menu (click on function group, right click) use other functions, write Transport Entry