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Issue in calculation of Taxes in Purchase Order Smartform

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Hello Experts,

I am facing an issue in calculation of tax in purchase order smartform i have changed revised tax code as 5.5% instead of 5% and in the PERFORM %GLOBAL_INIT i debug  and found everything is going fine and calculating tax by 5.5 %.

but while printing the smartform the variable i am passing getting the previously 5% percent value amount.

Could you please guide what i am missing in this.

Regards & Thanks

Anas Shahid


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Hello Anas,

Check if there is any code node that is just before the text element where the tax is printed. There the value you changed might have been overwritten.



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Hi Kalidass,

Thanks for your response.

I didn't find any code to be overwritten, my variable got value when i execute this FM  'SSFCOMP_PROCESS_DOCUMENT' in smartform in debug mode & it is calculating previous tax %.



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Why do you have to do such calculations in the smartform? You should only take the values that are available in the PO condition tab and not print something different than the document in SAP has.

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Hi Jürgen L,

I need to update the Tax percentage previously it was 5% , i need to update 5.5% and updated output on its form so it is calculating the previous 5% value on it.



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You or  your functional consultant need to do customizing for new tax percentages and then change the PO with ME22N and then the output should just be fine.

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May be N number of reasons.

1)Only debugging You can find the Solutions,

2)May be Variable is overwritten , In Smart form Coding

3)Some times Smart forms values will not pick correctly, If you did changes in Standard screen then if you immediately open the layout, You need to close the Screen again open the same document numbers , Some cases it will be happens.

4)Change percentage differently like 6 ,or 7 other then you can know easily what is the difference.

5)In smart form at last , Change the variable value  5.5  to 6 or 7  then Check it.

6)Whether the variable is able to Capture  5.5 , What i mean is Based on the variable declaration
   some variable it will not capture 5.5 , It may be capture only 5. please check the declaration.